About AD4L



[box]  To provide an online health and wellness resource for dance parents and students, teachers, and dancers.

To provide an objective health and wellness resource within the dance community.

To enlist the views of a broad spectrum of health and wellness professionals which incorporates varied disciplines and perspectives.

To encourage readers to pursue dance at all ages and stages for a fit, healthy, and joyful life. [/box]

For the longevity of dancers, whether recreational or professional,  artistry and technique must be balanced with knowledge and awareness of our physical selves within aesthetic of dance.  AD4L will provide a positive resource which will promote this healthy balance in our teaching and healthy, positive choices among dancers, students, and parents.

As health practitioners we are aware that there is increasing research specific to dance in both the amateur/recreational and professional training areas.  AD4L is an opportunity to bring this information to the dance community through an objective forum in a manner which educates and informs parents, teachers, and students.

Beginning as an online newsletter promoting health and wellness in the dance community, AD4L will collaborate with health professionals and specialists in sport and dance such as physiotherapists, doctors of sports medicine, nutritionists, sport psychology consultants, pilates and yoga instructors, and kinesiologists.   Articles and offerings will be written in a manner which is accessible to all and is grounded in academic and applied theory.

Additional services offered encompass the concept that dance is truly for every – body with offerings in both accessible dance programming and movement coaching.

Photo S. Lee (2010).