Book Review: Eating the Alphabet by Lois Elhert

What a beautiful way to incorporate healthy ideas into your preschool dance classes!


Lois Elhert has done an exceptional job illustrating the shapes, colours, and textures of a rainbow of fruits and vegetables from A to Z in her book Eating the Alphabet.  From A to Z (or Zed for our Canadian readers) she has beautifully illustrated the more common fruits and vegetables, but also some that are less common as well.

At the back of the book the author has included an index of all of the foods in the book, explaining what they are and where they originated.

Ways to incorporate this book into your class:

Pick a letter (page) of the alphabet and explore the different fruits and vegetables that represent that letter. Use the shapes and colors in the artwork as a springboard for the exploration of shape, texture, and colour with your students. Consider not only what is familiar, but also what is unfamiliar.  Talk about the energy we derive from the foods we eat and explore how energy, or the lack of energy, can make us feel.  Incorporate this into a lesson on exploring effort in relation to how energy affects us physically.

My students love to look at the shapes and colours on one page, pick their favorite fruit or vegetable and then go into their personal space to make their bodies into the same shape as the picture.  Enjoying a challenge, they get a kick out of trying to move around the room without changing their shape, or moving in the same energy that they think they might receive from eating that particular food.

To wellness in dance and life!




4 thoughts on “Book Review: Eating the Alphabet by Lois Elhert”

  1. I always see this book at the book store and want to use it for class. It just looks so colorful and wonderful! 🙂 Great post! Most importantly I CAN NOT BELIEVE I haven’t visited your blog earlier. It’s so beautiful and I just added it to my google reader to keep on top of it. jeepers, i’m so mad at myself. 😉 talk soon!

    1. Maria! Thank you for stopping by and for the lovely compliment. I have to say I am proud of how the site has turned out. This is an excellent book – and my students love trying to figure out what the different fruits and veg are. Its fun to see them curious about REAL food.

      Thanks again,


  2. We love Lois Ehlert and her books at our house. I think I remember reading that when she illustrated this book she went to the market every day and bought the foods for each letter of the alphabet. Then, she went home, painted them, and then ate them! Very cool!

    Great post!

    1. Eric,

      Thanks so much for stopping by! Great bit of author trivia — I’ll have to share that with my students, maybe it will give them the courage to try some Kumquats or Brussel Sprouts! Love how you put your own twist on celebrating the many amazing books available.


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