September Newsletter

This month we focus on preparation for a successful year of dance. Physiotherapists Sam, Kevin and Janine focus on an injury free return to dance fostered by self-evaluation and physical awareness. Sports dietitian Jorie Janzen dives into the importance of hydration and best ways to stay hydrated throughout the year. Mental Performance Consultant Aman talks about using goal setting to motivate and improve performance. My contribution is an article on creativity and mistakes working hand in hand.

September 2011 Newsletter


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[Whew!   Finally!  I couldn’t wait any longer to make it official.  Am counting down the days to the launch!]

Hello and Welcome to Access Dance for Life!

Creating this site has been an amazing journey.   I hadn’t a hot clue what I was getting into or how I was going to make it happen, but I knew that it needed to be done.    This project is an exciting collaboration between my teaching philosophy, experiences, and education, and my colleagues experience, methods, and theories from the health and wellness community.    Its been one of those journeys that you begin and it seems to unfold before you with relative ease.  Love those moments.

“There are two ways of being creative. One can sing and dance or one can create an environment in which singers and dancers flourish.”                 Warren G. Bennis


Mr. Bennis hit the nail on the head.  At this point in my career I see even more clearly that teaching dance is about more than establishing technique, artistry, and performance; its about creating an environment for our dancers to flourish within the art regardless of age, physique or ability.   In my opinion, it is about fostering a love of dance, the joy experienced through movement, an understanding of the music, AND an understanding of how our bodies function and the direct affect on our ability to move, understand, and love dance for the duration of our lives.  With these concepts providing the foundation a positive and healthy experience in dance can occur ~ for life!

Throughout my education in kinesiology I brought every concept (and paper) into a conversation with dance, and absolutely every theory, principle, concept, methodology applied.   The science behind sport has a long history, but the science behind the dance is relatively young in comparison.  Science develops at a rapid pace – and therefore the science behind the dance is developing rapidly as well, challenging traditional principles of training and our understanding of how our bodies function within the art form.

“For the longevity of dancers, whether recreational or professional, artistry and technique must be balanced with knowledge and awareness of our physical selves within aesthetic of dance.  AD4L will provide a positive resource which will promote this healthy balance in our teaching and healthy, positive choices among dancers, students, and parents.”  (taken from our About AD4L page)

This began as an idea that I jotted down in a journal a year or so ago.  As the concept began to unfold I was concerned that I couldn’t do it on my own.  Collaboration just wasn’t my thing.   Trusting my instincts (for once) the collaborative process has begun and I am l o v i n g it.   Am very thankful for our exciting list of contributors, and there are more to come!

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This. Is. So. Exciting.

Wishing you wellness in dance, and life!



Jacqui Davidson

Founder, AD4L